Massive Chocolate Lion Now Guarding Entrance To Malta’s New Craft Bakery

The Paris-style bistro Manouche opened its doors last month

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It’s only been open for a few weeks, but Manouche is already making waves around the island for its delicious homemade bread and its exquisitely crafted chocolate delights. Now it has given people another reason to visit…to feast their eyes (only their eyes) on a huge lion’s head in the entrance made out of 60kg of chocolate! 

The lion’s head is crafted to the smallest details and is adorned by a multi-coloured mane of feathers. It was created by Manocuhe’s executive chef Luca Selvaggi and pastry chef Bjorn Attard themselves, with the help of Connie Spiteri as well as Craig Rogerson from London-based model makers Scenic Sets.

The Manouche bistro opened in Spinola Park last month, offering customers a varied menu - from artistically designed sweets to gourmet pastizzi to homemade chocolate and baguettes. A restaurant will also open right next to the bistro in the near future.

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