Meat The Greek: This Street Food Truck In Sliema Dishes Out Authentic AF Greek Food

From gyros to souvlaki to Greek kebabs - take your pick!

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Greek food features pretty simple dishes, but it is also very easy to get wrong. There aren't that many options for Greek food in Malta, so we are very happy to have Sparta in our foodie lives.

Having opened in September 2018, Sparta dishes out street food style Greek grub

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Their menu isn't too long, but it packs a proper punch. You will find pork or chicken gyros, souvlaki on skewers, spartan sandwiches, Greek burgers made with 100% beef and skepasti.

The meze sections includes Greek fries (with grated feta cheese and oregano), baked feta cheese, dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves) and mini kebabs (handmade with lamb and beef kaftan).

If you're feeling particularly greedy or want something to share, try their Greek Meat Fest platter with seasoned sausage, souvlaki, pork and chicken gyros, five mini kebabs, handmade fried and corn pitta bread with tzatziki dip.

For a light meal, indulge in their Greek Village Salad (which is meat-free) or grab some desserts such as baklava and kantafi.

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