Mexican Ice Lollies Have Landed In Malta And OMG They're Smoothies On A Stick

There are 25 different flavours, and most of them are completely lactose and gluten-free

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Los Pistoleros have officially brought paletas to the island and OMG aren't we glad.

Paletas are Mexican popsicles, but made by hand, with natural ingredients. They contain no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and there's no air injection like with traditional ice creams.

"Paletas have the double shock effect, focused around one flavor on the outside, and a creamy flavour on the inside, for example strawberry on the outside and concentrated milk or Nutella on the inside," Emmanuel the owner of Tipamalta, told Lovin Malta.

The fruit-focused treats are naturally gluten-free, apart from a few of the flavours, and are "low in calories" when compared to traditional ice-creams, according to Emmanuel.

"With our paletas, you do not have air inside - you pay only for 100% of pure pleasure. That's the big difference," he said.

Apart from the healthier fruit-focused versions, they've also got a couple of alcohol-infused paletas such as the Mojito paleta, for when you're feeling extra frisky.

Los Pistoleros offer four ranges: fruity (using real fruit that they mix with water and sugar giving the impression of eating a smoothie on a stick), the filled (gourmet ice creams with two different interior and exterior flavours), the specials (flavours that they've adapted at the request of their customers) and pur juice (which has only juice and natural vitamins).

Most of them are completely lactose and gluten free.

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You can find the Los Pistoleros stall in Valletta right outside the law courts

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