Need A Delicious Pizza Tonight? Here's Where To Get One In Malta

Tried and tested by our readers


A while back we asked you to tell us where we could get the best pizza in Malta. The replies we got were convincing enough through their sheer conviction.

Here's seven of the best pizza places in Malta according to, well – you.

1. Vecchia Napoli

When this place opened in Malta it promised to re-ignite our love for pizza. A few years down the line and it's still going stronger than ever.

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 38 54

2. Vecchia Taranto

Blink and you'll miss this Italian-run restaurant that locals have fallen in love with. If you're after no-fuss, no-muss to-die-for pizza, it's what you want.

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 42 17

3. La Cucina Del Sole

Awesome stone-oven baked pizza. Breath-taking view. Subsidised parking. Good call readers. 

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 48 48

4. Da Nino Trattoria

This Sicilian pizzeria seems to make something that's both a pizza and a pie. No contest. (See: timpana for pasta and pie combo)

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 55 03

5. Tosca Restaurant

These guys also do their delicious-looking pizzas in gluten-free format. See you in Mellieħa folks!

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 15 06 21

6. I Monelli

For lots of people this place is worth wading through the human debris that lines the streets of Paceville on a weekend night. It's the destination not the journey. #WorthIt

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 15 04 40

7. Emanuel's Bakery

Anyone who puts pulled lamb, sliced baked potatoes, rosemary and garlic on a cheesy-crusted pizza is a winner in our books. Let's face it we would choose this over a family member (easily).

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 At 14 58 40

Tag your pizza-buddy and make a reservation now! It'll only cost you four hours of jogging tomorrow.

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