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New International Franchise Brings Square Pizzas By Weight To St Julian’s

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Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Here in Malta, pizza is very solidly both, and now, a new international franchise is hoping to raise the bar.

Alice Pizza has just opened its very first outlet in St Julian’s!

This famed pizzeria has over 130 joints throughout Italy, USA and other parts of the world.

They also have a professional academy which exists especially for the training of the pizza chefs.
What sets them apart from the pizza eateries in Malta is that they specialise in pizza al taglio.

This sort of pizza originates from Rome and is basically square or rectangular pizzas sold by the slice or by weight, with prices being sold per 100 grams. And that’s exactly what Alice Pizza are doing!

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Here, you’ll find a variety of over 40 different types of pizza flavours. Each pizza is freshly-prepared on the daily using a selection of organic and seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and farmers.

Thanks to the sale-by-weight element, you can order small slices to try as many different flavours as you wish (perfect for those who find it hard to choose).

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Each slice only costs between 80 cents and €1.50, and flavours include everything from Bianca (no tomato sauce) and marinara (without cheese) to spinach and bacon, broccoli and sausage… and so many more.

They also have an array of stuffed oven-baked pizzas and cold pizzas. Want to go? You read a pizza my mind!

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