New York Best Burger Gets Official Vegan Approval By Cave Survivor

He wouldn't even eat a crab when stranded for days


New York Best owner Tommy Diacono has posted the most unlikely of group shots on Facebook as he unveiled a new burger. Posing with Mark Petric, one of the boys who went missing for three days last week, Tommy said that he was happy to announce a new vegan burger coming soon to every New York Best outlet.

Mark feels very strongly about veganism, so much so that despite not eating anything for almost four days, he told us he refused to eat crabs caught by his cave-mate Nick, and wouldn't eat the ham and cheese in the sandwich offered by his rescuer. Because of his activism, the pair haven't exactly seen eye to eye as they often engaged in public fights in the comments found under NYB's burger posts. Petric, a strong vegan advocate, would take shots at the owner as well as other customers for eating meat.

But it seems they've have put their differences aside after Tommy invited him to be one of the first to try out the new vegan burger... and by the looks of things, it's gonna be a hit.

Props to the pair for putting their differences aside, and showing the world that there's nothing a good burger can't patch up. Also, be nice to people online, because you'll never change someones mind by calling them an asshole.

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