New York Best In Paceville To Be Replaced By Popular Lebanese Eatery

Goodbye Juicy Lucy, hello glorious falafel and hummus

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Kebab Ji, one of Malta's most beloved Lebanese joints, will be taking over the large and very recognisable New York Best corner outlet in the heart of Paceville.

After reporting that the kebab favourite was expanding to Paceville, signs all over the NYB outlet are now confirming that Kebab Ji is set to open in the central location.

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From hot dogs to falafel: the corner location will now be Kebab Ji's

NYB's popular spot has been a key part of the burger chain's image, being located in a street full of great restaurants - and now Kebab Ji is set to capitalise on the great location

Kebab Ji's manager Jamal has confirmed that the menu will be staying the same, so you can expect to pick up your favourite Lebanese dishes, be they shawarma, falafel, or a classic mixed pita bread, in Paceville now.

As eateries open and close every month in the clubbing town, Kebab Ji could be able to consolidate lovers of Middle Eastern food in the area.

And don't think this means the end of New York Best in the area - we aren't sure what's coming next, but owner Tommy Diacono has promised some big surprises coming in the next few months

Oh and don't worry; Fat Louie's will stay as is!

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