Our Favourite Spring Dishes Will Soon Be Dominating Every Maltese Kitchen

Lenten foods do not feel like a sacrifice!

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Even though the transition from winter to spring in Malta is traditionally associated with fasting, you can rest assured that the locals have come up with some absolutely lip-licking dishes to compensate for their sacrifices.

So as the weather starts to turn warmer and lent approaches, here's how Maltese kitchens gear up for a change of ingredients to match the new season.

1. Qagħqa tal-Apostli

(Apostle's Ring Bread)

As if our beloved ħobż Malti wasn't carb-tastic enough, we have a special bread variety dedicated to this time of year. And it's to die for. 

2. Qassatat tal-Inċova

(Anchovy Pies)

For the locals who enjoy a pescatarian diet during lent, these salty suckers are the real deal. 

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3. Kusksu

(Broad Bean Soup)

This is the food translation of a giant hug and cheek-pinch from your nanna. Who couldn't love that?

4. Żeppoli ta' San Gużepp

(Sweet Pasty Balls)

Tiny balls of puff pastry fried like doughnut balls, split open and stuffed with ricotta, candied fruit and nut filling. The only way to celebrate St Joseph, obvs.

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5. Ful

(Broad Beans)

Okay, so maybe this doesn't class as an actual dish. But there is nothing quite as satisfying as snacking on some sweet and juicy broad beans!

6. Kwareżimal

(Lenten Biscuits)

These guys were actually named after the period of lent, and although they do have sugar in them they're not made with eggs or butter. Their unique, citrusy taste is either love or hate. They're like the Kinnie of biscuits.  

7. Figolli

(Easter Biscuits)

Figolli are not a food, they're an institution. From the ritual of preparing the marzipan, to rolling out the dough, and finally decorating oversized biscuits in sickly-sweet icing – figolli are what make Easter. And you've got to love the fact that Maltese people decided to take the concept of a biscuit and blow it up to epic proportions. #ObeseAndFabulous

What's your favourite spring-time dish? Let us know in the comments section!

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