Maltese Hipster-Toast Powerhouse Takes London Once Again With A Fenkata

This time it's personal.

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Remember David Darmanin? The Maltese Chef who took the British Media by storm with his posh toast?

Well he’s at it again with, wait for it, Pretty F*cking Good Roast, alongside none other than fellow famed Maltese chef Nicole Pisani!

This dynamic duo will be gracing London with a Fenkata pop-up on Sunday 20th November at Machine No 3 in Homerton.

And as always, PFGT doesn’t do things by halves. Diners at the rabbit edition of Pretty F*cking Good Roast will enjoy three courses of traditional Maltese cuisine, only posher.

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Nicole Pisani, the former Nopi head chef who turned her expertise to a London school canteen will be joining real-life bestie David Darmanin on the stoves.

"We’re sticking to the old home recipe and ritual, but using the greatest ingredients we can find.” David tells Lovin Malta.

“It starts with bigilla and galletti, then spaghetti with rabbit sauce. We’re using organic pasta from an artisan in Abruzzo. The sauce is a tomato and pea stock with a rabbit stock base reduction, which we make from rabbit bones (and heads, but that tends to put people off).” he continues.

“Then it’s top of the range rabbit with garlic and thyme, braised in white wine like the old days, and roast potatoes with fennel seeds. For dessert, grapes, oranges and roasted peanuts.” How’s that for authentic? 

So if you’re in London and are desperately craving a sexed-up version of the food from your homeland, be sure to make a booking. As with the last pop-up, this is destined to be a smash hit- and at just £20, which David calls “mates rates”, you really have no reason not to!

So roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Let’s show London how it’s done.

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When toast is pretty fuckin good... it's pretty fuckin good.

Visit for bookings and enquiries, and keep up to date with all the latest PFGT news!

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