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WATCH: Pizza Please! Basically’s Latest Episode Is An Attempt To Solve Malta’s Potato Crisis With One Delicious Recipe

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The sixth episode of Basically has landed and this time we decided to tackle one of Malta’s biggest crises.

No, we’re not talking about the COVID-19 pandemic or the fact that the entire Cabine is being investigated over the misuse of public funds either. Heck, this isn’t even about Adrian Delia’s awkward attempt to write a poem about his mum’s kusksu.

Malta is facing a lack of potato exports and yes it’s a crisis because let’s face it, potatoes are in our blood.

Malta’s farmers are producing potatoes and no one’s buying – that is until now…

Host Matthew Baldacchino gave the humble potato the love it deserves with his very own pizza with potatoes.

And just to show you what we’re up against, this is the dish that was delivered to our Basically kitchen at Fino’s Showroom in Mrieħel by none other than Bolt Food.

Psst… did you know Bolt Food has a supermarket section now?!

A few cooking steps later (and a helping hand thanks to video editing) and this is what we ended up with…

And it actually looks really good!

Obviously it wouldn’t be a Basically episode without alcohol which was provided to us in plenty by M.Demajo Wines & Spirits.

This week’s alcoholic beverage of choice was a Vino Del Amore Pelato Moscato which you can actually win…

All you have to do is tag a friend in the comment section of the Basically video!

If you liked what you saw then get cooking and let’s help solve Malta’s potato crisis together.

And if you really like what went down in this episode, then make sure you tune in for episode seven which comes out in two weeks’ time!

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