Put Your Phones Away, Restaurant Tells Patrons

Introducing the phone basket...

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Amigos, a popular restaurant in Sliema, has taken phubbing* matters into its own hands. Patrons are being served with a phone basket that carries a not-so-subtle message.

"Place your phone in the basket and communicate," it says, together with a friendly "enjoy your meal".

Mark Alamango, who is responsible for the for the Sliema outlet said the idea was sparked some eight months ago. 

"We were seeing families, couples and friends visit and spend the whole time on their mobile phones. We always believed that food should bring people together and create memories, so the idea started from there," he told Lovin Malta.

"The response varies. In most cases people embrace the idea but you find the odd few who just move the basket onto another table so they won't see it. All in all it's a good step to help bring people together. It might be something small but it makes people think and stop using the mobile in most cases," he said. 

*Phubbing: Snubbing people in favour of your mobile phone. 

Photo: Ruth Calleja on (Are You Being Served?)

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Chris Peregin