This New Valletta Place Will Redefine Dessert For You

Theobroma Raw Cacao Collective cuts through the bullshit to deliver treats with 'untouched' ingredients

Raw Cacao

Tucked between a handful of newly-sprouted eateries and bars in Old Theatre Street, Valletta, the Theobroma Raw Cacao Collective has a mission: to make desserts as healthy as possible, using the best ingredients in their raw form. 

This tiny place sure packs a punch, as its desserts will introduce new flavours to your palate while ensuring things are kept as healthy as possible.

As you can see from the menu above, everything in Theobroma's stable is 100% vegan and gluten-free. But this doesn't mean they're sacrificing flavour for self-righteous health points. 

While their chocolate -- made from raw cacao and so more 'savoury' than you'd expect from their conventional counterparts -- may take some getting used to, once you do you'll start to appreciate the unrefined flavour. Their vanilla ice-cream requires very little adjustment, however, as its smooth, almost coconuty aftertaste will leave you begging for more. 

In their own words, the Theobroma collective, is "consciously" picking ingredients which boast the most "nutrient density and healing properties", among them super foods like Maca, Lucuma, and Goji berries.

"And of course… cacao. Not many people know that cacao, in its raw form, is one of the top ten foods you can eat," and that it apparently has "more vitamin C than oranges and more anti-oxidants than green tea".

Together with The Grassy Hopper just nearby, Theobroma are helping create a mini health-food revolution in Valletta. Could 'raw' dessert be Malta's next hip food trend?

Either way, Theobroma makes for a great pit-stop to slake your sweet tooth guilt-free, while also being handy if you're stuck for gift ideas for your next party invitation. Just make sure you keep their stuff in the shade as you deliver them from the little shop to your car, during these hot summer months... you wouldn't want these carefully selected treats to reach their recipient as raw cacao soup. 

Theobroma is found is Old Theatre Street -- just a couple of doors down from City Lounge -- and is open from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:30. You can also order their stuff online

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