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13 Reasons Why Our Love For Figolli Will Never Die

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Figolli – Malta’s beloved Easter biscuit. The description of a figolla could pass as one for a typical Maltese person: larger than it should be usually with an icy exterior and super-sweet insides. 

Here’s all the reasons our love for figolli will never run dry.

1. Making them brings families together 

2. And the fact that they’re only ever made in bulk makes everything right with the world

3. Their post-baked aroma is like a drug

4. They bring out the child in all of us

5. And no interpretation is a bad one

6. They can be as cute…

7. Or as arty as you like

8. And if the marzipan filing isn’t sweet enough

9. You can drown them with chocolate goodness

10. And add an Easter egg on top

11. They’re the embodiment of eye-candy

12. Even when they’re not pristine…

13. Most importantly – they’re the most perfect tea-dippers on the planet

How much do you adore figolli? Tell us in the comments section and tag a friend who feels the same!

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