14 Delicious Summer Salads That Will Help You Beat The Maltese Heat

Healthy and fresh, in more ways than one

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Cooking is another thing we really don’t want to be doing in Malta's summer heat. Turning on the oven is the literal equivalent of going kamikaze aircraft on your pores.

Thankfully, this is the perfect time for you to opt for a fresh and tasty summer salad which will fill you up without turning your kitchen into Satan’s sauna.

1. This squash and spinach salad that will bless your soul

2. Seared scallop and grapefruit salad to make all your coworkers jealous

3. A quinoa and chicken salad that will give you life

4. This prosciutto and cherry salad is a dream come true

5. This beachy pasta salad is the perfect snack on the sand

6. Get your falafel fix with this beautiful plate

7. This grape and pistachio salad will quench your summer pangs

8. This beautiful salad is perfect for brunch

9. Literally art on a plate

10. This sexy salad which will satisfy your every need

11. This detox salad will give you a boost in no time

12. This grilled prawn and mango salad will definitely impress your mom

13. A pear and blue cheese salad for some extra finesse

14. This fruit and seed salad will make the perfect breakfast

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Written By

Chiara Micallef