14 Tasty Summer Recipes That Will Help You Beat The Maltese Heat

Eat in style while cooling off? Perfection

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Summer is a bitchin’ time to spend time in the kitchen. It’s hot, it’s sticky and you genuinely don’t want to do anything that does not involve baths, pools, or the sea.

We have compiled a list of appetising recipes so that you won’t have to worry about feeing yourself and the freeloaders in your life (you know, your family and your friends).

1. These light burger kebabs are the perfect BBQ meal

2. A quinoa salad to keep your vegetarian friends happy

3. This pico and guac burger will impress your father-in-law

4. A light wild mushroom stir fry to curb your mushroom needs

5. Shrimp avocados for your girlfriend to totally fall in love with

6. This light lamb salad to eat on your boat

7. These baby veg-packed packets you can carry with you by the sea

8. Here's one for all the fish lovers

9. A spicy chicken salad to enjoy out in the balcony

10. This salsa which makes a totes delicious dip

11. A healthy strawberry salad to satisfy your sweet tooth

12. Puffy samosas perfect for a poolside snack

13. Another sweet salad to blow your mind

14. This Korean dish which will make you feel like a pro chef

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Written By

Chiara Micallef