5 Timely Pigeon Recipes From Malta To Try This Week

Because chicken is so last year

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If you're not really sure how to handle the news of pigeon culling going down in Birgu this week, we've got you sorted with five traditionally Maltese pigeon recipes. Just remember not to eat wild pigeon of course, and enjoy.

1. Pigeon with rosemary, ananas, and wasabi

This recipe adds a little bit of spice to the traditional dish, and with a small glass of white wine included in the list of ingredients, it has Malta all over it.

Full recipe here.

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2. Pigeon pie

The epitome of Maltese tradition. Onions, carrots, potatoes, peas, hard boiled eggs, and pretty much everything that made nanna's cooking extra special.

Full recipe here

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3. Pigeon stew

"Chicken stew, Maltese style." If that doesn't say Malta out loud, we don't know what does. You can also add venison and rabbit to make it more of a super-game soup.

Full recipe here.

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4. Roasted wood pigeon

While this might've started off as a Christmas dish, we reckon it'll still go down nicely on a fresh summer evening. Passed onto this blogger's recipe book from Australia, it's brimming with Maltese flair.

Full recipe here.

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5. Salad of seared pigeon

A healthy iteration with oak leaf lettuce, rocket, lamb's lettuce, and fresh red cherries. Top it off with some good old Maltese honey, and this recipe becomes healthy goals.

Full recipe here.

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