Amazing Desserts That Will Help You Combat The Cruel Maltese Heat This Summer

Cold sweets from heaven

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Ah, dessert; Malta's favourite and most anticipated part of any meal ever. We tend to have a habit of eating less of it in summer because of all the food we eat, which is a damn shame. It's the perfect remedy for that blistering Maltese heat, so we feel like the whole island needs some tips on some more dessert we should be indulging in.

Here are some amazing desserts that you can totally enjoy in summer without feeling full and heavy.

1. This banana split cheesecake which will be the perfect Sunday breakfast

2. This lemon cheesecake mousse which will make you look like a sensible eater

3. Key Lime bars to make your mama proud

4. This no-bake strawberry cake will help you discover the meaning of life

5. A cherry jelly cheesecake which will totally be a hit with your buddies

6. These grilled peaches, the perfect barbecue companions

7. A mango macadamia concoction which you will love until the day you die

8. The only thing you should keep in your freezer

9. A special treat for the alcoholics in your life

10. A red velvet cake roll which will have you slaving away for hours

11. This poke cake which will definitely give you brownie points with your coworkers

12. Another frozen dessert which will keep a great temperature if stored in your cold, cold heart

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Chiara Micallef