11 Summer Cocktail Recipes To Help You Quench The Maltese Summer Thirst

Wash it all down in style

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We get super thirsty in summer, and sometimes just drinking ice cold water simply doesn't cut it. You need a bit of a boost, some vitamins and a kick of flavour added to the mix for your body to feel satisfied.

Here’s a list of both alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails you can try out in the leisure of your own home this summer in Malta.

1. A refreshing melon colada to keep you happy

2. Alcoholic jelly shots to try out by the pool

3. This delicious watermelon cocktail you need to have as breakfast

4. This boozy iced-tea will keep grandmama happy

5. This Birkirkara tribute cocktail is a refreshing AF

6. This peach rum punch will impress your poshy buddies

7. A lime shandy which will taste better on a boat

8. A refreshing prosecco drink for the high brow friends in your life

9. Some ginger champagne to make you feel like royalty

10. A pink girly drink for your girly nights in

11. This refreshing citrusy bomb to enjoy in the bath

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Written By

Chiara Micallef