9 Healthy Children's Recipe Suggestions For Maltese Restaurants

Inspired by our readers!

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We asked Maltese parents to give us suggestions of food they would like to see served to kids in Maltese restaurants – and the responses were yummier than ever.

Here's a selection of healthy children's recipes, as inspired by parents' suggestions.

1. Zucchini Noodles / Zoodles

A healthy alternative to spaghetti that's still super fun to eat!

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2. Veggie Burgers

Kids love burgers – so why not swap red meat for some wholesome veggies?

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3. Quiche Lorraine

This dish might sound adult, but its flavours are simple enough for kids to really love it.

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4. Chicken Meatballs

Kids love nothing more than chicken dippers, right? It's super easy to make them healthier!

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5. Rabbit Patties

Why not start their love for one of the nation's favourite meat young?

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6. Oven Baked Falafel

Children will love biting into that tasty goodness.

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7. Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Perfect for the ones who refuse to eat their greens...

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8. Fish Tacos

So many children don't like to eat fish – but if you change it up, they might just give it a go. 

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9. Veggie Muffins

Sometimes with kids it's all about format – this is a brilliant way to get them to choose a vegetable item off the menu!

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BONUS: Ross Fil-Forn with Brown Rice

This classic Maltese recipe is a favourite with children – swapping out white rice for brown will make it that much healthier, with zero extra effort.

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