Malta Finally Gets Its Very Own 'Maltese Breakfast'

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Last week, we asked the Internet to cough up Malta's ideal breakfast (seeing as we had none... until now that is). Over 200 responses were collected and tallied up, with the six most popular choices making the final cut. 

So, ladies and gentlemen behold: Malta's Official Breakfast! 

1. Ħobż tal-Malti

Translation: traditional Maltese loaf


A Maltese breakfast would certainly not be complete without every local baker's prized produce. Coming in first place, the Maltese loaf tastes amazing with just about anything.  

Take that French toast.  

2. Pastizzi

Translation: cheesecake/peacake/any other monstrous combination we can't think of right now


We weren't at all surprised to see this one coming. Missing first place by just one vote, pastizzi are an all-time favourite with the Maltese populace.  

3. Te fit-tazza

Translation: tea in a glass tumbler


Teacups are overrated anyway. Besides, a nice steaming serving of beloved te fit-tazza goes hand-in-hand with pastizzi

4. Imqaret

Translation: deep-fried date pasties


Just typing out that translation was enough to get our mouths watering. Further underscoring our need to have dessert for breakfast, imqaret are possibly the best thing to ever grace the Maltese palate.  

5. Dulliegħa + Bajtar tax-Xewk

Translation: watermelon + prickly pears


Tying for fifth place comes everyone's favourite fruit. Depending on the season, the Maltese love ice-cold watermelon slices or freshly-peeled prickly pears. 

Just don't overdo it with the bajtar: the constipation isn't worth it.  

6. Ġbejna

Translation: goat's cheeselets


This may be an acquired taste for some, but there's no denying we make excellent ġbejna. Dash it on your Maltese ħobża and you're ready to go! 

7. Honorable mentions

Of course there are some favourites that didn't quite make the cut.  Maltese sausage, peppered ġbejna, bambinelli, ottijiet biscuits, eggs and ħobż biż-żejt.  

8. Stuff we're glad didn't make the cut

Chips, leftover pizza, doughnuts, and Panettone you found at the back of your cupboard. 

Nice one guys. 

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