Malta's Answer To Traditional Sunday Roasts

There is literally no point to a Yorkshire Pudding

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Okay – credit where credit is due. Traditional British, Sunday roasts are awesome. There's meat, there's a hole lot of stodge, there's gravy – so much gravy. But the truth is that many of Malta's local dishes can totally compare with this meaty, carby goodness – and in some cases even beat it. #OhNoSheDidnt

Here's a list of Maltese foods that can absolutely challenge a good ol' roast for Sunday's most deliciously warming lunch. 

1. Braġoli

(Meat rolls)

We'll take your roast beef and then we'll roll it up with some more meat inside it – how do you like that? Yup, braġoli – in all their meaty goodness – are Malta's proof that anything phallic-shaped is more fun to eat. 

2. Patata l-Forn

(Roast potatoes)

Our roasted potatoes are just better than yours. Something about how they're grown

3. Pulpetti

(Meat balls)

Pulpetti have it all – they've got meat, but they've also got garlic and parsley and generally more of a Mediterranean flavour. They also come in a cute round format. 

4. Qarabagħli Mimli Bil-Kapuljat

(Marrows stuffed with minced meat)

Traditional roasts always include a vegetable on the side. Well, we like to mix things up here in Malta. Literally - we create a minced meat mix and put it into our vegetables. And it's divine

5. Torta Tal-Lampuki 

(Dorado fish pie)

One might argue that this doesn't tick the typical roast-make up: meat, carb, veg. But one would be wrong – it totally does. And there is nothing that tastes as yummy as it's salty, stodgy goodness

6. Laħam Fuq Il-Fwar

(Steamed meat)

Okay, granted this sounds not-so-nice. But it is actually delicious. It's loaded with garlic goodness and it's cooked for so long that the meat melts into your mouthful like a mini-flavour explosion. Simplicity wins – as always.

7. Brodu taċ-Ċanga

(Beef broth)

We can also provide a soup-version of a traditional beef roast, including, but not limited to, the following ingredients: beef, potatoes, turnips, carrots, and other roast-ish things. It is gorgeous and makes you feel like someone is hugging you for all of lunchtime. 

Do you think our local dishes compete with traditional Sunday roasts? Tell us in the comments section!

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