Maltese-Australian Cook Living In London Makes Delicious Recipes Filled With Nostalgia And Comfort

'A Mouthful of Maltese' is the only food guide you need if you love the island's eats

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Marlene is a Maltese-Australian cook and food writer who lives in London. Her family originates from Bidnija, where they worked on farms and produced the heartiest of meals.

She grew up eating Maltese food in Australia. Her family was proud of the recipes they brought over from their native land, dishes that gave them a feeling of nostalgia and comfort whenever eaten.

Marlene eventually moved to London, where she started growing her own produce with which she cooked Maltese dishes for her family and friends. That’s where Marlene’s amazing idea of creating A Maltese Mouthful came from.

A Matese Mouthful is all about cooking, eating and loving Maltese food. Her blog features some of the most scrumptious dishes our eyes ever saw.

Among her many dishes, one can find impressive feats like home made galletti, torta tal-marmurrat, laħam fuq il-fwar and home made ġbejniet. Marlene knows how to win our hearts, and it's through our tastebuds.

Browsing through Marlene’s prolific recipe index, one cannot help but really feel just how much Maltese food forms part of our identity. The dishes showcase a warm and incredible feeling, reminiscent of our historical influences and experiences as a nation.

The simplicity of dishes like bigilla and ftajjar biż-żejt, the comfort of qagħaq tal-appostli and the sensible explosion of a soothing kusksu bil-ful really reflects us a nation. Something which Marlene truly recognises and recreates in her dishes.

Not only does Marlene bless her family with these amazing dishes, but she also shares her recipes with the rest of the world. From tasty appetisers to amazing desserts, A Mouthful of Maltese will have you trying your hand at Maltese dishes in no time.

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