Quick Vegetarian Lunch Recipes For Lazy Maltese People

Delicious and not time-consuming

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Preparing your lunch before you head to work requires too much effort. You either end up buying lunch from a shady shack or eating that box of biscuits you forgot in your drawer last week. And let's face it, since you don't do meat, you'll probably end up buying fries.

On the other hand, preparing weekly lunches sounds a bit weird especially since it means you'll need to eat five-day old food on Fridays.

Here are some tasty and easy recipes you can prepare ahead for your lunch, making you the new lunch royalty at the office.

1. Tasty energy balls that will satisfy your naggy sweet tooth

2. These quick enchiladas will make your boss jealous

3. Tostadas to celebrate how great avocados are

4. Super quick one-pot pasta that will give you some extra free time

5. This Creamy pesto pasta will give you all the energy you need

6. Black bean and quinoa tacos will make Mondays a bit better

7. Potato and leak filled pies perfect for when you need some comforting

8. A veggie club sandwich which will make you look forward to lunch

9. A filling protein-packed lunch to get the boost you really need

10. This spinach quinoa and avocado salad will love you forever

11. A great bean salad to keep people at bay

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Chiara Micallef