WATCH: Lampushi? This Guy Just Took The Most Maltese Twist On Sushi Ever

Pass me the soy sauce and a glass of Kinnie

Sushi is arguably one of humanity's most crave-worthy foods. Sometimes, you just think about sushi, and until you satisfy that craving, there's going to be a hole in your heart (and your stomach).

But sometimes, you can't bring yourself to spend an extortionate amount of money just to satisfy your craving. So what if you could make your own sushi at home? And give it a bit of a local twist too while you're at it?

Local food-enthusiast and content creator Jon Camilleri, also known as Ch-EAT, has just provided us with another whacky recipe for food lovers to try out.

Sushi filled with lampuki. Lampushi.


We've obsessed over some of his crazy recipes before here on Lovin Malta, namely his Pastizzi Pie.

But he's also come up with quite a few other wild combos; a Maltese Bread Burger, Cisk'in Nuggets, and Twistees+ Chicken Fingers.

But it seems he's really upped the fancy level with this sushi dish, and we're so here for it.

And that crispy breadcrumb coating drizzled with soy sauce has us fully salivating.


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