Awesome Pastizzi In The Heart Of Sydney

It's official! Some of Malta's best pastizzi can be found in Australia

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In Malta, we have gone centuries without any attempts to reinvent our staple junk food: the delicious pastizz

Even though you can't walk 500 metres without coming face to face with a pastizzeria, you will be hard pressed to find any that go beyond offering the traditional rikotta or pizelli (peas).

Down under in Sydney, however, there's a Maltese cafe putting the island to shame with some divine and inventive pastizzi. Pastizzi Cafe in Newtown has a vast range of flavours including: Beef & Dark Ale, Bacon & Egg, Chicken & Chorizo, Vegetable Curry and Salmon, Dill & Ricotta. They even have great dessert varieties like Berry & Custard, Chocolate & Ricotta and Apple & Cinnamon. 

And yes, they're real and proper pastizzi...

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...just with different fucking flavours!

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Like Bacon & Egg for breakfast

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And other flavours so fancy you'll want to eat them off a plate with a fork and knife

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Trust us, these guys know what they're doing.

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"There isn't a huge Maltese community in this part of town so we couldn't just stick to peas and ricotta. We had to create a wider appeal," Freddie, the delightful guy behind the counter, told Lovin Malta. 

In fact, Pastizzi Cafe has diversified in more ways than one. This popular joint also serves ravioli, (freshly cooked or frozen), as well as lots of other traditional pasta dishes and desserts. And judging by the number of people walking into the place, their plan has worked.

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If you ever find yourself in Australia, visiting is an absolute must. You can also order Kinnie with your meal (though unfortunately Cisk hasn't made it yet). And since Maltese people are the only ones who would order Kinnie, it's a great way of telling the staff you're Maltese without outright blurting it out. 

Pro tip: If Freddie takes a liking to you, you might even get a couple of free mqaret for the road. Perfection. 

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Freddie's imqaret

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Chris Peregin