5 Maltese Bars With Amazing Free Food

You don’t have to settle for peanuts.

Kirby Food

Forget about pairing the right wine with your dish – free food goes with all your booze when you’re relaxing at a bar. The choices are usually pathetic, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are our favourite bars that will let you feast like a king, without forking out an extra euro.

Żmerċ Pub, Attard 


‘Food coma’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Żmerċ pumps out food faster than Usain Bolt runs track. Patrons get to gorge on a wide range of dishes here, including ħobż biż-żejt, Babybel (you read that right), pasta, pizza, and what we’re *pretty* sure is quail. 

Taċ-Ċaċċu, Qormi


Aren’t we all, Rigby? Aren’t we all?

Taċ-Ċaċċu is probably more of a każin than a simple bar, but who’s complaining? Certainly not us - with all kinds of dishes from traditional Maltese food to samosas, the fact that the bar is also brimming with booze is really just a luxury at this point.

Zeta Bar, Buġibba


What’s that feeling? ‘Full’, you say? Never heard of it.

Zeta also doubles as a club on numerous occasions, so ‘party food’ really takes on a new meaning here. If partying isn’t quite your thing, though, you might want to check their Facebook page to make sure you’re going on a quieter night.

Grasshopper Bar, Lija


You have much to snack on, Grasshopper.

Quaint on the outside, lively on the inside, Grasshopper is a must-visit if you want to binge on food and drink in a quieter area.

Charles Bar, Swatar


Engage. In free food.

Charles Bar is a sports bar, so there’s no better place to be if you want to watch some football matches on big screen TVs… all while chomping on some delicious appetizers, of course!  The free food might be the selling point, but like most of the other bars mentioned here, Charles Bar’s actual menu also looks great, so if you’re hungry enough, you might want to order up a horse meat steak, or 300g rib eye.

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