7 Must Have Deals in Paceville

All the special offers your heart desires!

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1. Pre-drinks at The Anvil Pub

Anvil is a super spot to have a few cheap drinks, before heading to the mayhem of central Paceville. If you're looking for beer, three pints of Cisk (500ml) only cost €5. This deal is perfect for people wanting to get the most out of their hard earned euros. 

Anvil also offers a great deal on pitchers with 1 pitcher only costing €6 during happy hour (until 22:00). The 'Jamaican Cab driver' or the famous 'Anvil Special' are the go-to's for a good night out.

2. The bargain hunter's tray

This offer is listed as an age old classic, which the Beggars Inn has maintained for the past 6 years.  €10 will get you a tray of vodka shots with variety of mixers to choose from. This deal gets better when people realise that this tray holds 20 shots. That's right, 50c per shot! Great for some drinking games on before hitting Havana

3. Big G’s €5 big boy 

For those who don't know where Big G’s is, just look for that 1 small bar with about 500 people drinking outside. And why do people love it so much? For its great prices of course! Apart from having good deals on beer and wine, Big G’s is mostly known for its €5 euro pint glasses filled with vodka and you favourite mixer. Drink 2 of these and you’ll soon be singing all your local festa tunes

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4. Bellini Monster offer

Conveniently located between Big G’s and Beggars Inn, Bellini offers 72 shots of Smirnoff and Monster for just under €25. That’s a staggering 35c per shot! Please don't attempt this one alone.

5. Alex House of delicious drinks

A relatively new contender to the Paceville scene, Alex House keeps you coming back for more. Located between the Avenue and Monte Carlo Lounge, this bar easily takes the title for shot king in Malta. Along with the impressive 24 shots for €9.90 deal, theu have the largest selection of different types of shots including vodka Oreo inside their chocolate glass shots.

6. Classy Cocktail Hour? 

When people think of drinking deals, Bar Native rarely springs to mind, however, once you reach happy hour, you’ll be surprised at what you can afford. From 18:00 – 19:30, you get two cocktails for the price of one. It's a great deal to share with friends just before heading out to pre-drinks… so Native for pre-pre-drinks? Why not!

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7. Late night shots?

It's now 3 am and you barely have enough money for your taxi home, but you can't end the fun now. Look out for those iconic black and orange papers offering some crazy deals at Plush. Just make sure you're well enough to get in the taxi... eventually.

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