8 Perfect Hangouts You Need To Visit In Siġġiewi

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Next up in our village hangouts series, we head to Siġġiewi to seek out the best places to spend some down-time in. One of the largest towns in Malta as far as surface area is concerned, Siġġiewi is home to a great deal of awesome hangouts, so this list is not exclusive. 

Here's a rundown of our favourites for a good evening out with a couple of friends.

1. Ferdinand's

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As close as you can get to drinking wine on the altar, Ferdinand's is literally five metres away from the Siġġiewi Parish Church and one of the absolute first places both locals and non-locals mention when you ask for a hangout in Siġġiewi. 

"Tlaqna s'għand il-Ferdinand's għal birra jeww?" is slowly becoming the new greeting in these parts.


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For anyone who was wondering, this is how you pull off a successful rebranding of a każin. Just across the road from Ferdinand's, BAR KBSN is another Pjazza staple that is aways ready for its patrons to either chill out or start their night on the next level. 

3. Blue Creek

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Sure, Għar Lapsi is pretty far away from the Parish Church, but it's technically still a part of Siġġiewi. Blue Creek is one of those restaurants where the view of Malta's southwestern coastline (including a cheeky Filfa floating tantalisingly close) alone justifies the price. So the absolutely delicious food really is the icing on the cake. 

Perfect for a relaxed night out with friends, or a next-level romantic dinner; Blue Creek proudly holds a great number of tags in countless "She said yes" posts!

4. Carmen's

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Another Lapsi gem. See that tiny bit of flat ground in that photo? That's just how much of an "extensive views of the sea" situation we're talking about here. A cosy snack bar with a pretty large menu – you'd be a fool not to go for anything freshly fished from just outside the door when at Carmen's.

5. Chateau Buskett

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Yep, that's how big Siġġiewi is; we went from Lapsi to Buskett just like that. A veritable living legend by now, Chateau Buskett sits perfectly at the edge of the closest thing we've got to the woods in Malta. 

It's another one of those places that offers stellar views that alone merit a visit. Whenever there aren't fully-fledged mini festivals or weddings happening over this multi-level indoor / outdoor estate, Chateau Buskett makes for a great chilled evening.

6. Levels

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Let's head back to the heart of Siġġiewi for a second. Further proof that this winebar  trend isn't going anywhere yet, Levels is another super-central go-to hangout, this time with added platters to die for.

7. Malta Falconry Centre

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While it might be hard for some of our beer-bellied compatriots to fathom, it really is possible to have a great hangout idea which doesn't include alcohol, so we decided to go a bit left-field with this next one. 

Sure, you can still grab a bite and a pint or two from the MFC, but if you're making the trip, it's probably going to be all about that cute baby owl.

Screen Shot 2016 12 27 At 12 07 26

8. Papa's

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We're going to go out on a limb here and say that the Siġġiewi Pjazza is one of the most active village squares in the country as far as happening hangouts go. The fourth venue on the list that's literally one door up or down from the Parish Church, Papa's is a relatively recent restaurant that's already gained a cult following among locals. 

BONUS: Lapsi View, aka Ta' Rita

Screen Shot 2016 12 27 At 12 39 08

Ta' Rita and Serkin are all the proof you need that the best things in Malta are the ones with an unofficial name that goes from a simple nickname to the only true way we refer to them. And in true living legend style, not much has changed at Ta' Rita, from the light blue building and 70s interior to the warm atmosphere and the sunny Sunday locals. 

Sure, this one's a bit far off from the Siġġiewi Pjazza, but with Għar Lapsi falling under the locality, Ta' Rita might very well be one of the best hangouts the sprawling town has to offer.

Which is your favourite hangout in Siġġiewi? Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments and tag your friends for a quick unplanned weekday night out today!

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