6 Great Places To Get A Coffee In Sliema

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Widely known for having some fantastic views, a beautifully winding promenade, and some of the best shopping on the island, Sliema is also a great place to just sit down and have a coffee. 

You’ve certainly managed to familiarize yourself with its streets after the countless hours you’ve spent looking for parking. Being such a popular destination throughout the day and attracting many people across the island, it’s not surprising that there are some of the best cafes around in town. 

In no particular order, here are some of our favourites.  

1. UC Cafe

A cafe which doubles as a bakery and speciality foods restaurant. 

With a great selection of cafes, wines, champagnes and other alcoholic drinks, to go along with great Italian foods and Sicilian treats, it’s not hard to get lost in the moment and spend a bit too much time enjoying yourself. 


2. Giorgio's

Anyone whose anyone (and their grandparents) has been to Giorgio's before. 

Refurbished over the years to keep up with its unique style whilst being bang in the middle of Sliema, its location couldn't be any better. Along with serving super coffees, its menu has also been upgraded to serve delicious food. It’s a great place to relax and watch Malta rushing by.      


3. Caffe Berry

A true Gem serving some of the best coffee on all the island. 

A fantastic coffee shop on the corner of Triq San Duminku. Small as it may be, it’s an incredibly friendly place that comes highly recommended for a great selections of coffee. Oh, and don't forget their healthy cakes.

Caffe Berry

4. Mint

Travelling to the other side of Sliema, you can find another local cafe; Mint. 

Serving a great selection of homemade food, refreshing fruit juices and of course great coffee. We highly recommend the brownies, and don’t worry; they’re gluten free. 


5. The Pastry Park

The new kid on the block. 

This retro coffee place has got an amazing atmosphere to it. Serving some of the best coffee around, along with exquisite fresh pastries, it’s not hard to see why everyone who visits Pastry Park swears by it. 


6. Dolci Peccati

Situated near Balluta Bay and quickly becoming a favourite amongst locals, Dolci Peccati has a bit of flavour for everyone. 

Serving up an amazing breakfast, along with ice-creams, pancakes, coffees, and some great Italian treats to go along with a super variety of foods. 


Tell us where you like to get your coffee fix! 

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Daniel Borg Cardona