This New Café In Naxxar Is Perfect For Some Creative Inspiration

Tea and scones in a chic shop

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Sometimes you just need to escape the office and finish off your work in a peaceful café that triggers some creative inspiration. If that's your thing, and Naxxar isn't totally out of the way, you might want to check out Loft Café. 

It's connected to a quaint furniture shop by the same name and that's part of its charm. The entire coffee shop seems to be completely done up with items you can buy in-house, including the retro bathroom mirror and indoor greenery.

Food is limited to light snacks like sweet pastries, muffins, salads and sandwiches. But that's basically all you need when you want to chill at the same place all afternoon and use up all the Wifi. 

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I have serious reservations about food served in jars (and the €6.95 price tag seemed a little steep for such a small salad), but the goat cheese, fig and walnut were an undeniably delicious mix. The warmed-up carrot cake loaf was also seriously good. 

The best part is that you sit in a conservatory greenhouse-like room, a perfect to enjoy Maltese winter: great natural light from the sunshine and nicely protected from the cold. 

Fun fact: the cafe is owned by Josette Schembri Vella, who is married to the Prime Minister's chief of staff Keith Schembri. Who knows? You might witness some political intrigue while you're there too.

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