The 6 Best Places For Coffee In Valletta

Baroque blends in the city of yells and bells

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Valletta has always been a beautiful city for several reasons. But a clutch of new establishments has made the city an even cooler and fun place, and coffee lovers have certainly not been left in the lurch. 

Here's a selection of some of the cutest and most satisfying places to get coffee from in Valletta... though we've got a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Caffe' Prego

1  Caffe Prego

Caffe' Prego. Photo by Talk.About.Coffee

The 'vintage' vibe is the scourge of the 21st century, but here's an unbeatable favourite that isn't just done up in vintage decor -- it's actually been around for long enough to qualify as bona fide vintage. An adorable time-warp with friendly, genuine service and some trademark snacks, like their stacked and mayo-infused egg and tomato sandwiches. Oh, and the coffee is great too.

2. Piadina Caffe

Though the titular piadina is its main claim to fame, this heartwarming gem in St Lucy Street is a great place to grab a quick Cup of Joe between errands and jobs. 

3. Dolci Peccati

Rapidly becoming a serious favourite among dedicated Valletta visitors, this Sicilian haunt in St John's Street never disappoints, and offers up a generous, quality selection of ice cream and other sweets to go with your coffee. 

4. Culto Caffetteria

4 Culto

Also located in St John's Street, this Italian joint is getting some serious kudos for its coffee. 

5. Il-Kikkra Kafe 

5 Kikkra Cafe

A friendly and refreshingly unpretentious place located just a couple of doors down from that other Valletta favourite -- Cafe Jubilee.

6. Caffe Cordina

Apart from being an enduring classic, Caffe Cordina gets some extra coffee cred for letting you just drink your coffee while standing up -- true Italian style! 

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