Pastizzi Shop Gets An Insane Hipster Makeover

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Found in the heart of Sliema, Mr. Maxims Jr Cafe (better known as The Maltese Tea Room) is best described as 'one of those places that's impossible to describe'. The closest we can come to a clear-cut depiction is: 'the cutest place you'll ever eat pastizz'.

Tea Room Pastel

This is genuinely the setup inside the pastizzerija

With the ever-growing number of Maltese cafes that serve drinks in mason jars, and food on leaves, The Maltese Tea Room provides the real hipster experience. 

The decor is adorbs, and it does away with pretentious, foodie, half-meals and instead gives you those authentic take-away flavours you secretly crave.

Tea Room Counter

We weren't kidding, those are indeed trays of delicious Maxims pizza

Mr Maxims Junior

Photo: Ryan Fenech

The cafe's facade has a wild-western saloon feel to it, but as you enter you're greeted by all the pastel shades and chalk-board frames your heart could possibly desire.

Tea Room Decor

Sandwiched between Snoopy's and Dolci Peccati, The Maltese Tea Room is super easy to spot, and saves you the pain of eating your take-away on some bench, under the scorching summer sun. Instead, you get to chill under the AC while gazing out at this killer view.

Tea Room Viewx

Speaking to Lovin Malta, the owner of the establishment spoke warmly about the cafe, and expressed his gratitude for the great reception they've had over the two short months they've been open. He also excitedly described some decor changes he's hoping to see in place before the winter months.

The cafe also offers free WiFi, which is great for those looking to upload a few snaps of their afternoon adventures (or for those trainers looking to nab a couple of Pokemon, before taking over the gym that's situated right opposite the cafe).

Pastizzi Pokemon

These little buggers all showed up within 15 minutes of our visit

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