The One-Pan Plan For When Your Parents Are Away

All the flavours, (almost) no washing up


If you’re still living with your parents (and unless you’re married, or desperate to break your mother’s heart, you are) then you’ll understand that one of the biggest joys in life is when your parents announce that they’ll be going on holiday.

But what are you going to do about that whole 'not starving' thing? The last thing you want is a sink full of dishes stopping you from joining all the friends calling you from Havana's cage. Here are 5 amazing meals, that will only require one-pan:

Racoon Washing

1. Lemon chicken goodness

Let's be honest, the first thing you're gonna do is invite all your friends over. But with mama’ not there to provide the snacks it’s important to step up, and actually feed your guests something at some point. Try this roast that comes jam packed with all your basic food group needs. If you're feeling extra fancy, add in some potatoes and have yourself a little patata l-forn thrown in. 

Roast Chicken Qallu

2. Bitchin' nachos

First impressions are important, as a good one means you can get lazy with the second. The next time your friends are over (and we all know there will be a next time) why ruin the day’s fun with something as lame as a nutritious meal. Whip out an old skillet and get ready to put Eden’s snack bar to shame with these delicious nachos. Add in some ġbejna and listen for your taste buds singing the Innu Malti.


3. Chili sans carne

See those colourful, leafy things your parents left in the fridge? Those are called vegetables and it’s time for you to stop pretending they don’t exist (if nothing else, you should eat them before they start to smell). This recipe for mouthwatering chili is the perfect way to spice things up at home, in a slightly less shameful manner than the two-hour porn marathon your neighbours were forced to overhear this morning.

Chili Sans Carne

4. Creamy lasagna

With your parents returning soon, it’s time to start acting like a human again. A good place to start is a diet that doesn’t consist entirely of pastizzi and frozen pizzas. To ease you into this (and keep Maxims' spirit alive) you can make a delicious, rikotta-filled lasagna, free from the fear of clogged arteries that comes with most Maltese take-away meals.


5. Delicious pork and rice

So you've woken up much later than planned, and you have to pick your parents up from the airport in an hour. But you can't let them come home and remain hungry, that'll make you look incompetent. It's a good thing you made this perfect pork and rice combo last night, freezing it ahead of time like a good, responsible adult human would.

Pork And Rice Qallu

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