Does This Maltese Cafe's Invention Rival The Fried Mars Bar?

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One of Malta's most interesting cafe-meets-work-lunch joints The Fort Cafe have raised the bar when it comes to deep-fried goodness. The Scottish may have deep fried Mars bars, but the curious creation featured here is in fact a deep-fried tortellone.

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The creation tastes like a heart attack, but in the best way possible. The doughy exterior has some serious Pizza Hut crust meets doughnut vibes, and the gooey centre is quite the treat. Although we don't recommend eating this alone, it is fun to try out as a side with a friend.

The deep-fried tortellone (will that ever stop being weird to write?) will set you back around €3.

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We've already raved about this cafe's quirky take on work lunches, and it can be found at Hard Rocks Business Centre on Triq Il-Burmarrad (yes, that bumpy road) which only further adds to its charm.

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