This French Patisserie In St Julian's Is The Real Deal

Boulangerie in Balluta alert!


If you have a French Patisserie shaped hole in your heart and belly, Fre{n}sh is here to help. 

Lodged right inside one of the island's most beautiful architectural gems, the 100% authentic patisserie will upgrade your breakfast standards in no time. 

And aside from their delicious and expertly made selection of French pastry and other desserts, few things beat having your breakfast while gazing at the art nouveau masterpiece that are the Balluta buildings, and enjoying its adjoining garden.

Run by the Malta-born but French-raised Steve Cutajar and Vincent Cacho, whose love for the French way of doing things becomes evident as soon as you step inside the cosy venue, Fre{n}sh offers a quick and easy way to make your daily snacks just that little bit extra special. 

Let's be honest, it's the sweet stuff that will hook you and keep you coming back, and Fre{n}sh's commitment to reproducing the legendary Viennoiserie is one of the main reasons it's way ahead of the competition. 

But its generous menu also leaves plenty of room for some savoury treats -- with the original quiche lorraine being among them -- so don't just write it off as a dessert place! 

Fre{n}sh is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00 and is found at the Balluta Buildings, St Julian's. For a full menu, check out their website.

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