13 Great Places To Get Breakfast In Malta

Start your day off on a delicious note

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Breakfast has long been advocated as the most important meal of the day, so if you really want to make the most out of that in Malta, there are a few places you really should check out.

Here's what we suggest. 

1. Il-Kapitali

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If you find yourself in Valletta one fine morning, be sure to drop by this artisan cafeteria. How could anyone resist the divinity of scrambled eggs and streaky bacon on Maltese bread?

2. Debbie's Café

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This photo is captioned "Sunday Veggie Bfast Special with Halloumi Cheese and Avocado", but it could very well have been captioned "Take my money now" instead.

3. Terrone

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This cute restaurant in Marsaxlokk has started offering breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, and is already shaking things up with mouth-watering dishes. We would recommend booking before heading down there, as mornings at this place are definitely going to get super busy.

4. Mint

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Fresh, seasonal, homemade goodies opposite the Sliema promenade. Does it get any better than this? Doubtful.

5. Uncle Matt's Kitchen

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Famous for its 300g homemade burgers and cheesy monsters, Uncle Matt's also serves breakfast, delivering the same passion with a bit of a healthier infusion. Never a better reason to head to Wied il-Għajn. 

6. emma's kitchen

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Fast becoming a staple destination for Maltese foodies, emma's kitchen is great at hearty food with a modern twist. It's recently gifted us with a gorgeous breakfast menu. San Gwann has just become the newest breakfast destination in Malta.

7. Waterbiscuit

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If a healthy breakfast for champions is what you're looking for, then Waterbiscuit in St Julians has definitely got you covered.

8. New York Best

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NYB have proven, uncontestedly, that there's always time for a toastie.

9. U Bistrot

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The Balluta Bay concept bistro offers a 500 calorie menu that's changed on a weekly basis. But if breakfast is more your thing, U Bistrot is still the place to be in the morning. Unless you don't enjoy your eggs with a spectacular view...

10. Piadina Caffe

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A little piece of Italy in the heart of Valletta, Piadina Caffe takes its name from the traditional home made Italian flat bread. So even though their entire menu looks to die for, we'd recommend their famed namesake as a midmorning snack.

11. KuYa

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The highly successful food-truck-turned-Asian-pub doesn't open until 11am, but that's no reason not to squeeze in a delicious late breakfast!

12. Soul Food

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Another Italian-style eatery in the capital city that celebrates unique and healthy flavours. As their mission statement goes, "Come, relax, nourish your body and soul", and that sounds like a pretty good way to kickstart any day.

13. Grassy Hopper

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Another food truck (or rather, container) success story, Grassy Hopper has recently opened its second shop in Valletta following its popular Ta' Xbiex endeavour. To this day, the establishment remains one of the go-to places for a quick healthy lunch, or if you want to make sure you're a better morning person, breakfast.

Which is your favourite place for breakfast in Malta? Let us know in the comments below and tag someone you'd like to go on a quick breakfast date with soon!

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