Hands Down The Best Sandwich In Malta

You have to try this before you die

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The sandwich is such an important part of the day for people all over the world with many choosing it on a daily basis for their lunch.

A couple of slices of bread usually with some meat, cheese and greens can be one of the most amazing and also disappointing meals in the world. 

As I walked into the Pulled Meat Company on South Street in Valletta I was about to experience not only the best sandwich in Malta but also one of the best I'd eaten anywhere in the world. 

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A quick look at how they cook their meat tells you all you need to know. "Low and slow" cooking gives it a wonderful smokey BBQ taste, and they cook everything here in this style including vegetables. 

I'd been attracted in by the incredible special of the day "Pulled pork pie with a soft boiled egg in the middle". Being the pig that I am I had one for a starter and my god was it good. Lovely light crispy pastry, delicious meat and the egg oozing all over in glorious style. 

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While the pie was good it was the sandwich that stole the show. I went for the chicken reggiano melt, with a harissa mayo.

Wonderful crispy bread (an absolute must for a good sandwich and that is one thing the Maltese excel at) was filled with heaps of smoked and spicy chicken. 

It was one of those experiences that I never wanted to end and were it not for having the pie for a starter I might just have gone back for a second. 

Expect a queue if you get here during a busy time. Then what else would you expect from a place serving the best sandwich on the island? Pure quality.

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