Lovin Malta Celebrates 50,000 Likes In The Fanciest Way Possible

If you want to feel like royalty, this is the place to be

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It's not everyday that your Facebook page smashes through the 50,000 likes mark, and if you'll allow us the #humblebrag for a second, we thought we'd celebrate this achievement with a meal unlike any other we had experieneced.

And so Chef Marvin Gauci's Caviar and Bull was the obvious go-to choice.


1. The night started with fancy champagne, opened with Napoleon's sword

Yes... that Napoleon.

2. Then we sat down and prepared for the 10-course trip to heaven

First up... Royal Belgian caviar.

Img 8239

3. Followed by two courses of carpaccio

Beef and salmon, sliced and flavoured to absolute perfection

Img 8250
Img 8255

4. And in case that wasn't enough of an appetizer we tucked into prawn tempura, and a creamy tortellone

A treat to any seafood lover.

Img 8261
Img 8267

5. Cleansing our palate was way lot more fun with cosmos

And yes, those bubbles are the cosmo.

Img 8274

6. And setting fish on fire in a blanket of salt makes it taste so much better

The process is called salt-baking and it looks awesome and tastes better.

Img 8277
Img 8292

7. And finally the 'bull' in Caviar and Bull was well worth the wait

Honestly, the meat simply dissolved in our mouths. And despite claiming we were super full, the dish didn't last very long.

Img 8293

8. Of course there was space for dessert

Because it would be blasphemous to say no to that.

Img 8308

9. And in the end we just hung out with owner Marvin Gauci, who was a killer host, and an even better laugh at the end of the meal

The true definition of Maltese hospitality.

Img 8304

We honestly couldn't have asked for a more fun (and tasty) night, and the whole journey to 50,000 would have been a lot less fun without all of you. So as always, thanks for reading!

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