Lovin Malta Celebrates One Year In Style With Endless Delicious Food

And the venue was straight out of Pinterest

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Lovin Malta turned one last week, and of course there was only one way we really wanted to celebrate the whole thing - with food.

Inviting us to try an endless stream of delicious courses, Giuseppi's Bar & Bistro pulled out all the stops to help us enjoy a memorable one year anniversary. Here's how it all went down.

1. It started with an incredible elderflower spritz

Which was something we didn't even know existed, but cannot imagine our lives without.

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2. Before moving on to some homemade dips and fried olives

Which we naively gorged ourselves on, forgetting that we had so many plates left to come.


3. Of course there was a different wine paired with each new plate that came along

So if we weren't having a party before, it certainly got there when the cork was popped.


4. And baked cherry tomatoes with pannacotta caprese

Interesting textures and stellar flavours.

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5. Next up was smoked salmon with pea puree

Melting in your mouth goodness doesn't even begin to cover it.

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6. And yes, this is just a list of all the dishes, but check out this duck carpaccio


7. Crispy chicken tenderloins on a delicious kimchi

This plate took things up three notches. We literally didn't speak for five whole minutes. It was too much to process.


8. And disguising itself as the final course was a beautiful cut of roast lamb rump 

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9. But we were lied to, and there was of course dessert 

Which was a delicious peanut brittle with creme anglais and fresh berries.

Thank you Giuseppi's for hosting us on this special occasion! We can't wait to come back.

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