Malta's Newest Café Is All Set To Be One Of Its Best

San Gwann is now home to Malta's tastiest corner!


We've been excited about this renovation project for a while now, so as soon as Emma's Kitchen was officially open for business, we knew we had to be there to try it.

Those who have followed Emma's culinary endeavours for a while will be unsurprised to hear that the food was delicious. When you go, make sure you convince one person to order the Bajd u Bejken sandwich off the adorable chalkboard menu, cause you're gonna want a bite of that delicious avocado, egg and bacon goodness.

Img 0010


Ftira Above

And it looks amazing from above too

Img 0002

You should also try the noodles. #OneOfEverythingPlease

The cafe itself, which is situated in what used to be the iconic Half-Way Inn, is designed in a cosy, yet minimalistic style, with loads of natural light perfect for snapping shots of your food, yourselfie and of course the wonderful Maltese tiles that'll soon be all over Instagram.

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Photo: Matthew Demarco

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If you live or work in the area, or are looking to try out a new place for coffee this weekend, then look no further; Emma's Kitchen has got you covered.

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