Need A New Saturday Go-To? Broadside Terrace Is The Answer

Say goodbye to parking struggles and second-rate food

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Last Saturday was a rare treat day for me. I spent the day on a friend's boat - girls only - and the evening out for dinner at Corinthia's Broadside Terrace with the man. What was cool for a compartmentalization freak like myself is that Broadside has a nautical vibe to it which made my whole day feel very continuous. Seeing as I was still swaying from an afternoon at sea where the weather did not cooperate at all, I was very much in the boat zone.

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For any history buffs out there, broadside – in nautical jargon – means when all the guns on one side of a warship are fired simultaneously. The restaurant is situated at the end of the lido of Corinthia San Gorg and you walk through the lido to get to it. As I weaved my way through sunbeds with the sea to my right, stars above and casino lights ahead I immediately felt in full chill out mode. The restaurant specialises in Lebanese BBQ and the pit is located just under the stairs which lead to the terrace, so even before I sat down the bbq smells wafting upwards had my mouth watering. Assault on the senses is probably why they called it Broadside.

"Even before I sat down the BBQ smells wafting upwards had my mouth watering"

The terrace is very large with a decked bar area in the centre. Sofas and armchairs with coffee tables surround the bar area and to the right of the restaurant is a lawn with hammocks which I would have happily swung in if my current state didn't mean that once I sat in one, I would have had to be flipped off face first in order to get out. So we made our way to the table instead. Tables are extremely well spaced out which is a welcome change and ours was right in front with great views.    


We started off with a spicy Bloody Mary for the man and a mocktail for me, which Darren – our server – kindly organised according to the current whim which was a craving for fresh and tangy, and sipped these while we decided on our mains. The menu is simple and straightforward with meze dips and tandoori bread to start and a variety of BBQed meat, fish and a vegetarian option for main. We decided on gamberoni and lamb chops and while these are cooking, the mezes are brought to the table complimentary. There is also the option of having mezes only which is a great choice for anyone who wants to chill out in those awesome surroundings, while having a bite to eat with their cocktail or one of the Belgian craft beers they have on offer. Five very generous bowls of dip and warm tandoori bread cost about 15.00 euro. 

The dips were delicious. The hummus perfectly creamy with plenty of tahini,  tzatziki with just the right kick of vinegar to balance the richness of the yoghurt,  mutabal which is roasted aubergine and yoghurt was new to me and could possibly have been my favourite, but I couldn't decide on a winner even though I tried hard to pick one by digging in further and further. There was a bean dip like a subtle bigilla and a roasted tomato and aubergine mix which was a textural break from all the smoothness and extremely enjoyable. Of course we wolfed down the tandoori bread and ordered more which I knew would cost me later on in the meal but what the hack! Carpe diem and all that.

Main Course

The mains are served quickly with sides of couscous, potatoes and vegetables in cast iron pots and thankfully the tables are designed to hold all the food so we sat comfortably with our feast. My prawns came cleaned with the head intact so no fiddling required and were firm and juicy and cooked to perfection. The lamb chops had that delicious BBQ char on the outside and were pink in the middle. More warm flat bread is served, a roasted tomato, a caper and tomato salsa with the prawns, and both dishes are served with an onion and parsley salad, a traditional accompaniment to Middle Eastern food.  The food is plentiful, a feast as it should be and even the man, who is a notorious bottomless pit, struggled to get to the end - Ok I helped him a bit I admit it!

"The food is plentiful, a feast as it should be"

As predicted, due to the meze face stuffing, the altruism of sharing the lamb and tasting everything in the name of research, dessert was a tough call. The options move away from the middle east and offer Mediterranean flavours like tirami su, cassata siciliana, apple crumble, fresh fruit (as if) and a chocolate mousse which was my first choice but contained raw egg so we took an apple crumble to share instead. It was served with some whipped cream and was cold but I am sure you could ask for it to be heated up if you prefer.


We ended our evening plotting and scheming with Darren, who entertained us with his wicked sense of humour. He took care of us throughout the evening and was attentive without being intrusive, knowledgeable about the food and drink on offer and even knocked five years off my age (thanks dude!). On that high I was ready to leave and waddle my way back to the car. You get three hours complimentary parking when dining at the Broadside Terrace which let's face it, makes the prospect of going anywhere on this rock more appealing knowing you don't have to factor in 30 minutes of parking time and stress on a Saturday night in Paceville.

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The Broadside experience is a perfect summer evening - al fresco dining right by the sea, cocktails, beers, BBQ and good music. What more could you want? Next visit I might even brave a swing in the hammock.

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