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One Of Sliema’s Oldest Pubs Is Now Its Newest!

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Sometimes, you come across a place that has so much history, it actually outlives you. Your parents might remember hanging out there themselves, or it might’ve even been the place where they first met. 

Then there are places that outlive even them, and this bar, with a whopping 90 year lifetime, is probably one of them.

Meet The Hole In The Wall


Or well, that’s the way it looked like until last year. Now, it looks a little more like this:


The Hole In The Wall, bang in the middle of Sliema a couple of metres up the road from Tower Supermarket, has been around for decades. Its Facebook page is full of people from different generations reminiscing about the version they remember, most of which seems to be around the 80s, when this small gem looked more like this:


Last Sunday became an unofficial opening of sorts, as dozens of people from the alternative scene flocked to the newly-refurbished HITW (because that should definitely become a thing people write in 2017) to listen to three low-fi musicians (who perfectly embodied the simplicity and homey feeling of it all), but to also see what all this fuss from different generations is about, with the hopes of sharing it for yet another decade. 


It’s by no means a new, fully-fledged live music venue, but rather more of a hangout where live music can technically happen. The Hole In The Wall is definitely a promising new haunt for many people, perfect for winter (especially the Christmas holidays), and a good omen for the start of 2017, what with all the bars and venues that were wiped out in the past few years

From here, we salute you and wish you a prosperous new-new beginning, HITW! Yep, we’re not giving up on making that a thing.

Have you been to the new Hole In The Wall? Do you remember older iterations of it? 

Share your memories in the comments and tag someone you’d love to catch up with over the weekend!

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