The Definitive Ranking Of Malta's Favourite Sausages

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From summer BBQs to late-night binges, most Maltese are partial to a sausage or two. These are our favourite across the nation, but which sausage will claim the crown as the best sausage to be had in Malta?

7. Thick Dewfresh 'pinkies' 

Harder to cook, weirder to share, these sausages taste amazing, but their structure makes them the loser in this group of favourites.

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6. Plain Wudy 

Large and filling, these Wudy are a great substitute for most sausages at a dark BBQ where you don't wanna stay worrying about whether the food is cooked through or not.


5. Frankfurter

Unique, tasty but not good enough to be anyone's favourite. They're a fun part of any sausage arrangement, but no one would be happy if they were the only type being served.


4. Cocktail sausages

Fun for parties, tasty when served warm or cold, great for pizzas, snacks, sandwiches or midnight cravings. Really, you can't go wrong with these little buggers.


3. Maltese Sausage

A national staple, and a tasty delight. The flavours can be a bit overpowering in the long run, making it harder to binge-eat (and the only reason it dropped to third).


2. Dewfresh 'Pinkies'

What's a BBQ without pinkies? What's a hotdog without 16 pink sausages strung up and fried?

Honestly, this is the closest thing we have to a staple food.

Sausages Bbq Thick

And the winner is...

1. Wudy Cheese

Gooey, tasty, versatile and value-packed. They're good hot, cold, warm, grilled, barbecued, in a sausage roll or on their own. Honestly, this was hardly up for debate.

Wudy Cheese

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