This Amazing Taverna Will Transport Your Tastebuds To Greece In No Time

Manakis greek taverna offers a truly authentic Greek experience

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St. Julian’s has always been known to offer a large selection of dining experiences on this island. It’s a literal food town for both locals and tourists alike.

Manakis Greek Taverna, a new addition to foodtown hasn’t been welcoming patrons for very long, but it’s already making waves in the local culinary scene.

We at Lovin Malta were lucky enough to get a taste of some extremely delicious Greek gastronomical creations by Manakis’ amazing chefs — and it totally made our night.

The beautiful and classy decor will instantly take you to Greece

The restaurant has the element of a picturesque Greek town. One can clearly see the high attention to detail given to this place; the colour scheme screams Mediterranean and the whole atmosphere overall is a very relaxed but classy one.

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You really shouldn't miss out on the starters

Everything from the plating to the actual taste is clearly given great attention at Manakis. The fresh and light tzatziki is a treat to anyone’s palate. A creamy delight which has that little something extra. If you’re really into dips this is definitely a must-have.

If you like traditional and simple dishes you simply will never go wrong with their delicious halloumi. This springy, firm pleasure is a proper no frills dish. Nothing says greek more than a satisfying dish of grilled halloumi lightly sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

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If you’re more of a meat person the lamb keftedes will be a definite hit for you. The tender meatballs are served with an exquisite tomato ragú and very delectably seasoned to perfection. The taste of these heavenballs is enhanced with a delectable yogurt dressing.

The mains will leave you pining for more

The highlight of the night was the very nicely presented main dishes. The octopus is served with a dash of hummus — a staff favourite at Lovin Malta. The caustic zest of lemon drizzled on top really hit brought the dish together.

Your inner child will fall deeply in love with the crispy calamari. These flavourful babies are generously served and with a side of tangy sauce. Needless to say, these succulent calamaris are the perfect snack for those who favour this divine dish.

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You'll probably have no room for dessert, but that does not mean you should skip it

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These guys really know their way around food, but when it comes to desserts they're at the top of their game.

The traditional saragli is one of the most harmonious dish this place serves. The delicately rolled baklava is drenched in honey and lathered in finely dusted pistachios. Served with a lump of intriguing tahini ice cream this dish is a proper combination of mellow and strong tastes amalgamated into one.

The dark chocolate brownie was also a pleasant surprise. Served with a sweet caramel sauce and a side of olive oil ice cream. This was definitely the weirdest and most surprising part of the meal. The olive oil ice cream was a new experience. It tastes exactly as it sounds, like olive oil ice cream. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, so those not used to the flavour might find it super weird at first.

If you love Greek food and are looking for a beautiful experience by the sea, Manakis is the perfect place for you.

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