WATCH: YouTube Star Does A Taste Test Of Malta's Favourite Snacks

You'll never believe the reactions to some of these old-school gems

Internet star Lance Stewart has released a video showing him and two friends tasting some of Malta's most treasured guilty snacks. It features the nation's all-time favourites, from Krips, to Jumbo to the historic Jungle Sticks – so you know you have to tune it to find out what the verdict is these absolute classics. 

Here's some of the most notable moments in the taste text.

1. When they were floored by the size of Jumbo snacks

Yup we like to super-size our ridiculously, over-flavoured cheese foods.

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 At 12 23 40

2. When they tasted Twistees Smokey BBQ flavour instead of original Cheese...

Are these people fucking insane or what?

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 At 12 27 32

3. When they compared Pizza Rings to jablo

Well obviously they don't taste good if you're eating them wrong – you have to place each one on your fingertip and bite it off from there. #amateurs


4. When they were like "Krips taste like Pringles"

And we were like – yeah bitches, but which do you think came first?!

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 At 12 35 13

5. When they hated French Fries

We literally have no words.

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 At 12 39 52

6. When they said Galletti had no flavour

Hold on. Galletti without bigilla or any other dipping equivalent. Fair enough. 

Robert Downey Jr Fair Enough Tumblr

7. When tasting Tastees sent them over the edge

They just haven't built a tolerance for that burny, fake-bacony taste. It will come guys, it will come. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 30 At 12 46 23

8. Their un-called for take-down of an ultimate childhood fave

Jungle Sticks taste like grass? Ok, we need to be alone right now.


What did you think of their reactions? Tell us in the comments section below!

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