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Say Hello To Twistees-Coated Chicken Fingers, The Most Maltese Snack Of 2020

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We thought we couldn’t find a better poultry snack than chicken fingers, that is until we found out about a particular set of chicken fingers that added Malta’s favourite snack packet.

Tony’s Foods, a cute little green food truck roaming the island with some delicious grub, has unleashed the deadliest snack of 2020 and we have a feeling that they’ll run out before we get our hands on them.

The Twisteese chicken fingers are perhaps the most Maltese snack, combining two island favourites into one, and it’s just not fair.

The best thing is that one Twistees chicken box comes at the more-than-reasonable price of just €4.50.

If you’re into this mouthwatering treat (and who wouldn’t be?!), check out Tony’s Foods locations on the day. Yesterday, they were camped out in San Ġwann offering central Malta some good old cheat meals.

There goes your New Years’ diet already out of the window!

The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but the way to a Maltese man’s heart is through Twistees-sprinkled chicken fingers.

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