Stuff Yourself For €5 Or Less At These Deliciously Affordable Maltese Eateries

Budgeting on another level

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There comes a time in every person's life when they need to survive for another day with only €5.

They could be recently graduated lawyers, gambling addicts, or just someone who left their house without their wallet, but when all you've got is €5, you'll wanna make it last as long as you can.

Food is going to be your biggest expense - that's why it's important to know where you can eat well for cheap.

Luckily, we are here to help. 

1. Big Shot - Mosta

€1.50 ftajjar

Starting from the €1.50 tuna ftira and going all the way up to the massive €4.50 chicken, bacon and mushroom wraps, Big Shot has a large range of foods and prices to get you through the day. 

2. Fatayer - Gzira

€4.50 wraps

Just get the falafel wrap with everything. Don't even question it. 

3. The Submarine - Valletta

€3.50 sandwiches 

From ftira to focaccia, from grilled aubergines to bufala, this place is a one-stop shop for big, beautiful, affordable sandwiches.

4. Subway - All over Malta

€2.90 subs

A make-your-own snack that's as quick as it is cheap.

5. Himu' - Gzira

€4.50 baguette

They have a superb selection of cheaper starters that should be enough to fill you up - the fresola is especially tasty - but you should really just go straight for the San Giovanni baguette; its super fresh, and tasty as can be.

6. Andrews - Santa Venera

€4 baked goods

This classic institution has a massive menu and is still somehow all sold out by 3pm most days. Come here when you are really hungry. 

7. Olympic Bar (Ta' Xufi) - Mosta

€1.10 ftira biż-żejt

Possibly the cheapest - and still super awesome - ftira biz-zejt around.

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8. Duke’s Snack Bar - Msida

€4.50 burger and chips

You can get a variety of meals starting from €1.50, and even get a large burger and chips for €4.50, or - if you are a baller - add 1 euro for an additional soft drink/beer.

9. Bavarian Sausage - Sliema and around Malta

€4.50 hot dogs

They have at least four different Bavarian sausages, as well as regular specials like pulled pork hot dogs, usually for only €4.50.

10. Cafe' OK - Naxxar

€1.50 ftira

This place is right off the centre of the Naxxar piazza and the perfect place to start your day in proper Maltese style.

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11. Suiga Bar -  Burmarrad

€3 meals

Pasta, meats, breads... all done in quick time so you can get back to work after your lunch break. 

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12. Buchmanns - Gzira

€3.50 bajd u bacon ftira

Possibly serving the tastiest bajd u bacon ftira on the list. And don't let the high price fool you - you'll be getting literally half a large ftira instead of a small whole one. Filling and incredible tasty. 

BONUS: Any pastizzeria


When you can get a glorious 400 calorie pastizzi for 30c, everything else just fades away. 

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