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Taste Testing The Two Fish-Cakes That Ended Up In Court

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After an apparent compliment on Maltese Facebook group Are You Being Served ended up in court (the long and short of it is: a fish-cake maker accused an ex-worker of stealing his recipes) we thought we’d hit up the smellier side of any market and taste-test the cakes ourselves.

So early this morning we went and picked up two fish cakes from Adam’s Gourmet Fish Shop in Mosta, and Greens Supermarket.


Baked as required, we then tried the two cakes to see if we could draw any parallels, and here is what we learnt.

1. They look totally different

Adam’s are wider but flatter, Greens’ are rounder and higher, with whitish flakes on the top.

Lovin Cover 1

Adam’s left and Greens’ right

2. Their taste is similar, but not exactly identical

You can tell there are some similarities in flavour, but the aftertaste in particular is completely different. Also the Greens’ one is a lot more potato-focused.

3. Their texture is totally different

Adam’s are a lot chunkier. The cakes had large pieces of salmon in them, while the ones from Greens were a lot more blitzed.

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4. If you don’t try them at the same time it is hard to tell the difference

So unless you’re like us, and dedicated to the experiment of it all, you’d get confused between the two.

5. The final verdict is…



4/5 fish

The texture was nice, the taste was great and they cooked evenly. 



3/5 fish

The Greens’ fish cakes looked nicer at the get-go, but the aftertaste wasn’t so great, hence the loss in fish.

Going to court rating:


1/5 gavels

It’s not worth the time y’all. They’re not that similar; how different can you make fish-cakes anyway?

What’s your opinion on the cakes? Tell us in the comments on Facebook

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