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Thank The Heavens: Figolli Pastizzi Extended For Two Weeks Just In Case You Haven’t Tried Them Yet

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2019 was the year that Malta was blessed with the limited release of figolli pastizzi as a way to celebrate the Easter holidays in a very Maltese way.

Clearly the limited release wasn’t enough, and now, due to popular demand, Sphinx will be extending the availability of figolli pastizzi for another two weeks.

“For a moment, we were considering leaving them for the entire year,” the Muscat brothers told Lovin Malta after the announcement. “But we want to keep it as a special holiday edition, so we’ve instead extended their release for another two weeks so everyone can try them.”

The Muscat brothers said the response took them by surprise.

“There was such a huge response, we didn’t expect it to be this good. People were really requesting them and they were selling out, and we just couldn’t keep up,” they said.

The pastizzi are filled with a pure almond paste, with specks of chocolate dotted throughout the crunchy treat.

You can grab a figolla pastizzi in any Sphinx outlet over the next two weeks

And the figolla pastizz may just be the beginning – the Muscat brothers told Lovin Malta that they have a surprise in store, and while they haven’t given exact details it might incorporate some of your favourite cereals.

And beyond that, be on the lookout for a Lovin Malta and Sphinx collaboration that might very well change the way you see pastizzi.

Check out the mini-documentary Lovin Malta produced on the inner workings of Sphinx and the Maltese pastizzi industry

Cover photo: Charmaine Portelli

What new filling do you want to see in a pastizz?

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