The 9 Best Places For Red Velvet Cake In Malta

Time to satisfy those red, hot cravings

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In a recent post on our Facebook page, we asked our readers to tell us what their favourite place to get red velvet cake in Malta was. The dozens of replies we got pointed to one simple fact – there are nine places in Malta that should be the go-to destinations for those red velvet cravings.

Here's where they keep the goodness.

1. The Cake Box

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With a new branch of the famous Cake Box having just opened in Paceville, this red velvet cake isn't going anywhere just yet, and is set to remain a firm favourite of a lot of people.

2. Lulu

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Red velvet is one Lulu's main dessert flavours, but with their 15 other delicious cupcake and cake flavours that regularly show up online, these guys definitely deserve a spot any cake-inspired list.

3. Debbie's Café

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Debbie's Cafe' have a couple of iterations of the classic red velvet cake, from this mouthwatering peanut butter one, to one topped with caramel, to a gluten free option. There's a red velvet for everyone!

4. Cupcakerija

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While Cupcakerija's Halloween red velvet brain cake and broken glass cupcakes were a work of pastry art, this bakery house are also able to whip up a mean traditional red velvet cake (without the mean looks). It's one of those places that oozes passion for baking and has people coming back for more every single time. We're sold.

5. Baked

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Baked has been steadily gathering a strong following online thanks to a huge collection of photos that have been uploaded both by Francesca (the bake-ress) herself and the dozens of her (very) happy customers. Her red velvet cakes and cupcakes, not surprisingly, evoke all the cravings.

6. Shoreditch

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Trust Shoreditch to take a normal recipe and turn it up to eleven. Where most would be happy with a simple red velvet cake, Shoreditch takes it up a notch or a hundred by turning the recipe into a double chocolate cookie pancakes – including an actual chocolate injector. Take all our money now. 

7. James Caterers

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One of the leading catering companies in Malta, James Caterers have a reputation for providing amazing dishes prepared from scratch in their 3,500 square metre premises. They have a variety of cakes available, and their red velvet cake comes highly recommended by a lot of people.

8. Cafe Santa Lucia

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For more than forty years, Cafe Santa Lucia in Attard has been respecting Maltese traditions in their dessert. So if it's a classic red velvet cake with a good old cup of coffee you're looking for, look no further.

9. Jalie's Coffee, Cakes & Bakes

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Of all the suggestions we got, Jalie's was definitely the one that came the most recommended. And judging by the photos and the fact that Jalie's has been a favourite for a couple of years now, it's easy to see why.

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